May 22, 2011

Roughly 638 Metro Rides Later...

Yes, I am doing the obligatory "I've been in DC for a year" blog post.  The first thing I thought of this morning was "Season's of Love" from Rent, so I wanted to decide how I measured a year.  It seemed too boring to say work days, and though I used to be able to measure them in Sonic diet cokes, that fell by the wayside this year (I still feel badly for the whole Sonic Corporation for their monetary loss this year from my lack of patronage, but I will make it up to them if/when I move back to a land where Sonic drinks flow abundantly).  Then, ah ha!  Metro rides.  I do it every day, twice a day--sometimes more.  So after counting up the days that I know I've been out of town this past year and did not ride the metro, plus factoring in a few days (especially during FunEmployment) when I didn't ride the metro at all, plus several days when I've ridden more than twice, I've come up with 638 metro rides, averaging about 17 minutes a ride, which means I've spent a little over 2% of my year on the metro. 

So what have I been doing with the other 98% of the year, you may be asking yourself...funny you should ask...
  • I've learned how to manage my finances (which is an especially large feat with you don't make a lot, but live in a place where everything costs a lot).
  • I've learned that the people you least expect end up being your best friends, and vice versa.
  • I've learned to love Arkansas and Southern culture even more than I used to (yes, my accent too!).
  • I've formed an irreplaceable bond with a roommate, turned friend, turned sister.
  • I've found that turning on "Friends" is the best escape and proves to be pretty applicable.
  • I've cried over friends and family that I left in Arkansas.
  • I've rejoiced in making friends that have turned into my family here.
  • I'm learning (I wish this could be in past tense) patience in the future and "figuring things out," with making decisions, with people, and with the metro.
  • I've learned that not having a Sonic diet coke at happy hour every day won't exactly kill you, especially if you replace it with an after-work happy hour.
  • I've learned that you really can't help you fall in love with. 
  • I've learned how important a church community is for support and growth.
  • I've learned that the best way to make girl friends is through a lot of prayer and honing in on guy friends' girlfriends. 
  • I've discovered that I abhor winter.
  • I've learned to try new cuisines and cocktails. 
  • I've learned how to say good-bye. 
  • I've become a Washington Nationals fan. 
  • And finally, I've learned that I have zero control over my circumstances, and that life is so much better because I don't.

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  1. I love these! A few stick out...

    "Friends" has so many positive uses! Since being on bedrest, I've had trouble coming home from work, getting my mind off things and in turn, getting my blood pressure down. "Friends" is by-far the best remedy for that.

    You "abhor winter" mainly because you now live in an area of the country with ridiculous winters. I honestly don't know how you do it.

    And finally, isn't it easy to become a Washington Nats fan? I went to a game or two just to enjoy a good game of baseball. Little did I know, they tug at your heart and even after just 6 weeks, I came out with a soft spot in my heart for the Washington Nationals. (Plus, they never carded me when I was under 21 :))

    I hope you're still loving DC, but I want you to come visit me soon!


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